Penis Health review

October 8th, 2011


You’re reading my full, uncensored Penis Health review. I used Penis Health for six months when I was desperate to enlarge my penis. Now I’m revealing the TRUTH about the program to help anyone else who’s thinking about it. MAGNET STRONG

Please note that what you are reading is a review of PenisHealth (not the official PenisHealth website). MAGNET STRONG

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I invested in Penis Health (officially written as one word “PenisHealth”) when I lost patience with all the “free penis enlargement exercises” I found online. Needless to say, none of them worked! STRONG MAGNET

I decided that enough was enough. I realized that if I was serious about enlarging my penis, then I needed to invest in a proper program.

In this Penis Health review, I will share my experience of the program and tell you EVERYTHING you need to know before you invest in the program yourself (if that’s what you’re thinking about doing).

My aim is to help you understand exactly what the program is and what it does, so you can decide if it’s right for you. So be prepared for the FULL SCOOP.

So what do you get in the Penis Health program?

When you log in as a member, you get access to hundreds of videos that show you how to stretch, jelq and exercise your penis for optimum results.

These videos are easy to watch and address all major aspects of penis enhancement. There are videos on increasing your length, videos on increasing your girth, videos on improving your ejaculation control, etc. Nothing is left out.

The videos are accompanied by clear instructions so that you know how to perform all the exercises in the correct way. The videos actually show a man doing the exercises, so it’s very easy to follow along. All you need to do is copy what you see and do what he does.

This means you can feel 100% confident that you’re doing things exactly the right way for maximum gains.

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In addition to the instructional videos, you also get access to an extremely helpful members’ forum, where you can ask questions and discuss your progress with thousands of other members.

Penis health review pics

Penis health member shows his gains

Many of these members are advanced members who have already added several inches to their penis length and girth, so you get the benefit of their experience and expertise.

You also get to see just how much they’ve enlarged their penis, and this can be extremely encouraging and motivational! (See pictures on the left)

They give their statistics (starting length and girth and current length and girth), explain their routines and share their best tips. You can even send them private messages to ask them questions and accelerate your own progress.

In addition to all this, when you become a Penis Health member you get access to other “sexual performance enhancing” resources, the best of which is “lovecentria” - a special site filled with videos about being the best lover your woman has ever had.

Lovecentria shows you how to be fantastic in bed, how to use your (bigger) penis most effectively, how to give women multiple orgasms – basically how to “rock her world”!

Finally, as a Penis Health member you get a clear, specific workout plan that show you exactly what to do each day/each week and exactly how long you should spend doing it.

This takes all the guesswork out of the process. It’s literally just “do this for 5 mins. Then do this for 7 mins.” Crystal clear, step by step instructions.

So that’s a summary of what you get as a member. There are other bonuses too, but since this is a Penis Health review, it’s time for me to talk about the quality of the program and, most importantly, whether or not it actually works!

So what’s good about Penis Health?

I can’t list all the good points because I’d end up writing a book! But I do want to list three of the things I was most impressed by:

(1) The clear video demonstrations - There’s a right way and a wrong way to stretch and jelq your penis. The Penis Health videos give you the clearest possible demonstration of the right way.

Whilst written instructions can be a rough guide, there really is no substitute for actually seeing the exercises being correctly performed.

When you watch the Penis Health videos, you’ll know exactly what to do with your penis to achieve maximum gains. Natural penis enlargement doesn’t get any simpler.

(2) The “lovecentria” bonus – When you go for Penis Health’s diamond package (the package I went for), you get access to the special “lovecentria” site.

I didn’t really think much about this bonus when I invested in Penis Health, but when I actually checked it out, I have to say I was blown away by the content.

Lovecentria is a treasure trove of special techniques and moves to please a woman. If you’re interested in giving your woman (or women) the best orgasms she’s ever had, then you’ll be thrilled by lovecentria.

It contains long, detailed, thorough videos showing you how to penetrate a woman in the best possible way, how to give her multiple orgasms, how to get her craving sex with you, how to be the best lover she’s ever had, etc.

(Personal story: I used what I learnt in lovecentria to give a girl a clitoral and vaginal orgasm in the same session. The girl I did this to literally became addicted to me after that. I was especially proud because before then I had been fairly average in bed!)

(3) The exceptional customer support – There are penis enlargement (and sex education) programs out there that simply dump some advice on you and then leave you to it. No support. No help. Nobody to turn to if you get stuck.

Penis Health is the complete OPPOSITE of this. I was actually amazed at how helpful and responsive they were whenever I had a question or wanted some extra help.

All you have to do is send them an email and you’ll get a reply within 24 hours. Sometimes I got a response on the very same day!

The support team actually listen to what you have to say and then give you clear, actionable advice so you can move forward. For me it feels great to know that they’re there to help you every step of the way.

Penis Health’s customer support definitely helped me achieve the results that I’m so happy with today.


Were there any issues with the program?

Well, no program is 100% perfect, and there were one or two small things that initially bugged me when I got Penis Health. The first thing was the layout in the members’ area – I found it a bit confusing at first and didn’t know where to start.

The good news is that they’ve improved the layout since I joined so it’s now much easier to navigate!

The second thing is not really a criticism of Penis health, but it is something you should be aware of when you start the program. Basically, you need to be very careful when doing the exercises or you’ll end up injuring your penis (getting small cuts and bruises).

Like I said, though, this isn’t a fault of Penis Health. It’s the same with any form of penis enlargement – if you’re not careful you can injure yourself.

But as long as you do the warm-ups that Penis Health recommends and start gently, you’ll be absolutely fine.

Note: Penis Health is actually medically endorsed. This means you can be confident that you’re doing something that’s been approved by doctors and experts. Just do it carefully!

And now for the biggest question of all: does Penis Health actually WORK?

I used the program for 6 full months and from my own experience I can say: “YES – it does.”

Very well, in fact.

I already started seeing results after about 2 months. My penis was noticeably thicker, heavier and longer (both flaccid and erect). Also, my erections were much harder than before.

After about 5 months, my penis had gone from about 6.5 inches in length to 8 inches. More importantly for me, it had become much thicker (foolishly, I did not measure the girth I had to start with, but it was easy to see and feel just how heavy and thick my penis had become!)

I stopped doing the exercises after 6 months because I had achieved more or less exactly the penis that I was after - long, thick and hard.

It took a reasonable amount of time (6 months) and a fair bit of work, but I achieved the result I wanted – a bigger, better dick.

And naturally I then felt really good about myself, my sexual prowess, my ability to keep and attract women. Best of all, the girls I slept with actually started to comment on my “size” and they would moan more when we had sex.

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It’s true that you don’t need a huge dick to please a woman, but the extra length and girth definitely helps!

There’s still some work for me to do on my ejaculation control (it’s much better than before but not perfect yet), but the main thing is that I am extremely satisfied with the size of my penis now.

I feel comfortable and secure knowing that I have a dick that’s quite a lot bigger than average. I also get to enjoy the expression on a girl’s face when I penetrate her and the knowledge that I can give her something she won’t forget!

The interesting thing is that I know there’s nothing special about me. I followed a system that thousands of other guys have followed (you can talk to them in the members’ area!)

And I honestly think that with the right routine and the right attitude anyone can get the same results.

So, what’s my overall opinion of Penis Health?

Well, as you can probably tell, I’m a big fan of Penis Health (no pun intended!).

It may not add “four inches to your penis in 3 weeks” (as some ridiculous sites claim), but if you stick to the routine and do it for several months, it’s definitely possible to add an extra couple of inches to your length and several inches to your girth.

And would you really complain if you made your penis two inches longer and a hell of a lot thicker?

Seriously, though, if you really do want a bigger, better penis, then I strongly recommend that you start with Penis Health asap.

When you see and feel your bigger penis, it will have an amazing impact on your confidence, sex life, relationships with women, and overall self-esteem.

There’s no sense in feeling bad or “inadequate” or under-endowed when there’s a simple easy-to-follow system that will get you out of that situation and help you become the man you deserve to be.

So if you know that having a bigger, better penis would improve your life all-round,  I definitely suggest that you get on board with Penis Health and start the exercises right away.

When you see the results, you’ll be very glad you did!

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I hope this Penis Health review has been useful and wish you all the best in your penis enlargement journey. Do get in touch if there’s anything else I can do for you,



Why natural penis enlargement is better than any other method

October 22nd, 2011

It’s worth remembering that PenisHealth is a natural penis enlargement program. This means that it does NOT  require you to take pills or consume products, undergo any form of surgery or make use of any artificial devices (such as pumps or weights).

In fact, all you need to do the exercises is a pair of hands (your own!) and some sort of lubricant. In addition, you might like to use some talcum powder on your hands, but this is not essential.

As you can see, then, the PenisHealth exercises are about as “natural” as any form of penis enlargement can be, particularly if you compare them to the alternatives – special surgery, penis pumps, male enhancement pills etc.

But what makes the “natural” PenisHealth method better than any other method?

(1) It is much cheaper – as you can imagine, surgery on the penis would cost thousands of dollars and would be a major investment. Buying lots of pills and supplements can also be expensive (not to mention it’s a running cost). Finally, many of the penis enlargement devices out there can cost several hundred dollars (and many of them are totally ineffective!)

(2) It is much safer - you probably already realize that surgery on the penis can be hazardous. After all, it’s surgery! And when it comes to penis enlargement pills, there’s no knowing what side effects they may have on you. As for all the various devices out there that supposedly enlarge your penis, many of them are clearly quite dangerous – hanging weights from your penis (bad idea!), using a penis pump (could case serious injury) etc.

Compare this to the natural PenisHealth exercises. There’s far less chance that anything will go wrong. This is not to say that you’re totally immune from harm if you do them. You still have to adhere to the safety guidelines. But provided you do that, you’re taking the safest route

(3) It takes up less of your time - You might think that the artificial methods are quicker than the natural stretching and jelqing exercises you learn in PenisHealth. However, in many cases doing the PenisHealth exercises takes much less time than any other method.

In fact, you can start the program by doing just 7-8 minutes a day. If you’re a busy guy, clearly that’s a lot better than having to use special contraptions or devices for hours on end. How easy it would be for you to find just 7-8 minutes a day (and ultimately at most only about 30 mins a day) to do a few simple, natural exercises?

(4) It’s proven to work - When it comes to most penis enlargement pills, there really is no telling whether they work or not. Of course, we all know that it’s possible to make your erections harder by taking pills! But what we’re interested in is worthwhile increases to your penis length and girth. And there’s no good reason to think you can achieve these simply by taking a few pills.

The natural stretching and jelqing exercises recommended by PenisHealth, on the other hand, are proven to work. The PenisHealth forum contains literally thousands of members who have seen their penises grow longer and thicker as a result of the natural exercises they have been performing.

So when you read my Penis health review, do bear in mind that the program has several major advantages over all the other forms of penis enlargement. It’s cheaper and safer; it takes up less of your time; and it’s proven to work.

That should be more than enough to sway you in its favour!

The advantages of a bigger penis

October 20th, 2011

My penis health review site would not be complete if I did not say something about the advantages of a bigger penis. Clearly you’re on this site because you’re interested in seeing whether PenisHealth can help you enhance your penis (and perhaps improve your ejaculation control as well).

So you probably have your own reasons for wanting a bigger, better penis. Still, it can be useful to have a list of some of the objective advantages of a bigger penis. Who knows? Perhaps you hadn’t considered some of these (until now!)

So, what’s so great about having a bigger penis?

(1) It boosts your self-confidence – when you know you have a large penis (or at least larger than average), you feel more self-assured and more confident around women. You know you have something that will make you attractive to women and this gives you more faith in yourself.

(2) It boosts your self-esteem – having a larger penis not only makes you feel more confident around women; it can also make you feel good about yourself as a man. Of course, you should never base your self-esteem entirely on external things like this. To truly feel good about yourself, you have to like yourself for who you are, not what you have.

That said, it is undeniable that having a big penis can enhance your self-esteem make you feel more masculine. And there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s a very good thing indeed.

(3) It means you give women even more pleasure in bed – You will no doubt have heard the saying: “it’s not the size; it’s how you use it.” Perhaps you’ve also heard that you don’t need a big penis to satisfy a woman sexually. These things are partly true.

But only partly.

It is a well-established fact that a very large number of women prefer a bigger penis to a smaller one. A long, thick hard penis is much more likely to satisfy a woman than a short, thin soft one.

When you’ve achieved gains using PenisHealth, you will find that the woman (or women) you have sex with respond better and enjoy themselves more with you. It simply feels better for the woman if she is “filled up.”

(4) It helps you keep a woman attached - it may not be a politically correct or pleasant thing to say, but the fact is that if you’re pleasing your woman in bed, there’s a much greater chance she’ll stay with you.

We’ve already said that a bigger penis will allow you to give her more pleasure. Now reflect that if you’re consistently pleasing her in bed, she’ll become (and stay) attached to you. Women love sex just as much as men. A woman wants to be in a relationship with a man who can satisfy her sexually and give her orgasms. Having a bigger penis will give you a big advantage in doing this.

(5) You will enjoy sex more yourself! – If you’re giving your woman more pleasure than before, you’ll be experiencing more pleasure yourself. Why? Well, every man knows how good it feels to satisfy a woman. To see the look of ecstasy on her face, to hear her moan, to know that you’re absolutely rocking her world.

When you (and your bigger penis) are giving her an amazing sexual experience, you can expect to enjoy sex in a way you’ve never done before. You’re pleasing your partner, and this will only amplify your own pleasure.

So there are five massive advantages of having a bigger penis. It’s not that you can’t do well with a smaller one. It’s just that life becomes so much better when you are boasting longer, thicker harder erections!

And remember – this is very achievable when you follow the PenisHealth program. After 2-3 months you could easily find yourself feeling better about yourself, giving your woman more pleasure, enjoying sex more yourself and knowing that you’re the best man you can be.

Penis enlargement methods for a healthy penis

September 26th, 2011

Many people who read my Penis health review will be interested increasing their penis length. People are often keen to go from 4 inches  to 6 inches or from 6 inches to 8 inches (where these measurements refer to the length of their erect penis).

These people spend a lot of their time on stretching exercises, since stretching exercises are the main ones for length.

The trouble is that there’s more to a healthy penis than just length. There’s also girth, erection strength and ejaculation control.

And each of these things requires a different set of exercises.

One of the major strengths of Penis Health is that it gives you a comprehensive penis improvement program. It doesn’t just focus on length, for instance . Instead it shows you how to improve your penis all round.

For girth, you learn proper jelqing exercises (which will make your penis thicker and heavier). For length, you will learn the very best stretching exercises. And for erection strength and ejaculation control, you will discover special techniques as well.

Why would you bother with all these things? Why not just focus on making your penis longer?

Well, think for a moment about what women want. How do women describe their ideal penis? “Long, thick and hard” is the sort of thing they might say.

Notice that there are three elements in that description – length, girth and erectile strength. A woman’s ideal penis combines all three elements.

So if you’re just focusing on adding an inch or two to your length, you may be barking up the wrong tree.

Remember what your ultimate goal is. Is it to measure well against a ruler? Or to please the woman (or women) you have sex with?

And don’t forget how proud and satisfied you’ll feel when you know not just that your penis is nice and long but also that it’s thick and heavy and that you can penetrate a woman for any amount of time!

One of the things I loved most about Penis Health was the fact that you will find the full range of sexual health and penis enlargement methods all in one place.

This is something I really wanted to get across in my Penis Health review.

What it means is that you’ll find easily find the methods that will give you a healthy penis and a fantastic sex life.

Penis Health Review insights

September 22nd, 2011

As I was writing my Penis Health review, I realized that it might be a good idea to share some of the things I learnt whilst doing natural penis enlargement.

When you first get into penis enlargement, you’re naturally very eager to see results. So you may be inclined to stretch your penis as much and as hard as you can. You may also be inclined to do the jelqing exercises for a very long time every single day.

This is a big mistake. It takes time for your penis to get used to the stretching and strain you put on it.

It’s like going to the gym.

If you’ve never been to the gym before, you wouldn’t go in and try to life the heaviest weights on the first day. You’d start with the lighter weights and then increase the weight bit by bit.

And if it’s your first trip to the gym, you probably wouldn’t work out for hours on end either. Your  body would just collapse. Instead you’d make your first session relatively short. Then next time you’d do an extra 20 minutes. And then the time after that, you’d stay a little bit longer, and so on.

It’s exactly the same with natural penis enlargement – whether it’s jelqing or stretching or any of the other penis enlargement techniques that exist.

Start gently. And then increase the length and intensity of your workout bit by bit each time.

So when you first learn proper penis enlargement exercises (such as those in Penis Health), resist the temptation to go at it hammer and tongs straight away.

Start slowly and let your penis get used to the strain you’re putting on it. Before you know it, you’ll be able to do full-length sessions with ease and you’ll start seeing the increases in length and girth that you’re after.

The good news is that Penis Health shows you exactly how to start PE (penis enlargement). It shows how how to start gently and then how to make your sessions longer and harder as time goes by.

If you follow their instructions, you can’t go wrong.

So let this be one major insight you take away from my site. If you want to find out more about PenisHealth, check out my full penis health review.